Chabad of Pierce County invites you to



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Join us for a Festive Celebration in the Largest Sukkah in Town!

Enjoy a delicious Salad Bar  . . . . . . And Holiday refreshments . . . singing & schmoozing. . . .


Have the opportunity to shake the Lulav & Esrov (Thefour species)  

Esrog (small)Lulav (small) 

Sunday, October 4, 12:30 PM


In the Sukkah of the Chabad Jewish Center

1889 N. Hawthorne Dr., Tacoma

(Parking around the corner in the Skyline Elementary School parking lot)


Children will be able to touch, smell and taste exquisite specimens of each of the "four species";

the Esrog, Lulav, Hadasim and Aravos.

The holiday of Sukkot commemorates G‑d's kindness to the Jewish people by protecting them with clouds on all four sides while they journeyed in the desert at the time of the Exodus. We mark this kindness by eating in a Sukkah, a hut covered with branches, throughout the seven days of Sukkot

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