As I have shared with you recently (see below), We are introducing legislation which will provide for a religious exemption from the performance of an autopsy when there is no compelling need. This bill has been unanimously approved by the Judiciary Committee and will soon come to the Senate floor for a vote. Some medical examiners have raised objections to this bill. Senator Kline has indicated that it would be helpful if constituents would contact their State Senators to express their support of this bill. Please follow the link below which will assist you in sending your message of support: 


Thank you for your assistance in helping us pass this important legislation.


Rabbi Zalman Heber testifies in front of the State Senate Judiciary

After lasts months unbelievable tale of Devine providence where Rabbi Zalman Heber was involved in preventing the autopsy of a Jewish hiker who lost his way on Mt. Rainier and succumbed to hypothermia r"l,

Since then Rabbi Zalman Heber has been working together with the Seattle Jewish Federation in drafting new legislation that would prevent a medical examiner from performing an autopsy if it is against the families religiously held beliefs unless there is a compelling public interest or foul play involved. 

This week, Rabbi Zalman Heber had the opportunity to testify in front of the State Senate Judiciary committee for a proposed new bill regarding "Religious Objection to Autopsies". 

Click on photo or link to see testimony conducted in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Religious Objection to Autopsy. Setae bill - 6068.  

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Rabbi Zalman Heber's Complete Testimony:

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